Family-owned & operated since 1958

Harris Pillow Supply is a family-owned business that has been satisfying quality-conscious customers with a large variety of high-end pillows since 1958. We also manufacture the Pillow-Vac®, a “pro-green” machine used by hotels and other institutions to renovate pillows, drastically reducing pillow replacement cost while reducing the impact on landfills due to throwing away old pillows. Drycleaners find the Pillow-Vac an attractive source of added profit by renovating their customers’ pillows. Harris Pillow Supply also provides all of the materials for the simple pillow renovation.
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Our exclusive Pillow-Vac machine easily renovates a pillow to “new” in about four minutes saving hotels and institutions substantial replacement costs while dramatically reducing cost and impact associated with dumping old pillows in landfills.

Drycleaners enjoy added profit with the quick turnaround of renovating their customers’ pillows.

See our innovative Pillow-Vac in use:



Mr. Harris,

For years I have espoused the quality and comfort of the pillows at the Hyatt Regency, Boston Logan Airport. My wife decided to surprise me, and after contacting the housekeeping manager at the Hyatt determined that these were pillows from your company. Now I can enjoy the comfort of my favorite "pillow away from home" when I am home.

David Trotter