Best Practices for Side Sleepers

Best Practices for Side Sleepers


-Lie on a firm, comfortable mattress which provides adequate support.

-Turn over on your other side if lying too long on one side is causing discomfort.

-Choose a

pillow which provides firm support for your neck. Your neck should be kept in a neutral, straight alignment. It should not curve to either side.

Do Not:

-Allow yourself to roll over onto your stomach which is mainly a problem for stomach sleepers who are trying to adjust to side sleeping (stomach sleeping is terrible for your neck).

-Sleep with your pillow under your shoulder. This method is a great way to screw up your spine alignment.

-Use a neck roll or similar pillow. If you choose a pillow which has a curved portion to support back sleepers, make sure it also has a flat section which you can use to sleep on your side. If the entire pillow has a “roll” shape, it will deform your spine while you are lying on your side.

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