Understanding What Kind of Pillows Work Best for Combination Sleepers

Each person sleeps differently, and we know people who sleep better on their back. There are others who sleep better on their stomachs, and there are also those who have a hard time breathing on either of those two positions, but can sleep peacefully on their side.

If you find yourself shifting from one position to another, objectively, then you’re a combination sleeper.

Here’s the tricky part.

Stomach sleepers need very little support, so thinner pillows are perfect for them. As for back sleepers, they would have to mind the way their body curves against the bed, with the neck’s curve being the most critical part.

As for side sleepers, it’s more challenging to maintain the right curve for the head and neck, so firmer pillows with the right height would be perfect. Note that the pillow should not be too thick, but it should be a bit higher than the pillow that a stomach or back sleeper uses.

As for combination sleepers like me, you’ll need a combination of everything. You’ll also have to avoid feather quill pillows at all costs, as this does not really allow you to comfortably move from one position to another.

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