Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of your pillows?

Below are the industry standard for each typical size:

  • Standard – 20” x 26” or 50.8 cm x 66.04 cm
  • Jumbo – 20” x 28” or 50.8 cm x 71.12 cm
  • Queen – 20” x 30” or 50.8 cm x 76.20 cm
  • King – 20” x 36” or 50.8 cm x 91.44 cm


How many pillows are packaged in a box?

Below are the normal quantities in a box per size:

  • Standard – 12 pillows per box
  • Jumbo – 12 pillows per box
  • Queen – 10 pillows per box
  • King – 8 pillows per box


What is the cover (ticking) you normally use?

We typically use a 230 thread count, plain white, 100% cotton ticking with a double stitched, piped edge. We also have available a 330 thread count ticking as well as a 230 thread count ticking that has an antimicrobial treatment. If there is something different than these needed, we have extensive contacts within the textile industry to accommodate nearly any type, thread count, etc.

What is your turnaround time after I place an order?

Harris Pillow has been built on providing phenomenal service. Most orders of 200 or less pillows ship out within 24-48 hours, 200-500 within 2-3 days and orders up to 1,000 within a week. Larger orders take a little more time and can work with you to insure they arrive within your planned timeframe.

Can you vacuum pack pillows to reduce shipping costs?

Yes, we can; however, if the pillows are not going to be unpacked upon delivery, we do not recommend this because after a couple of weeks in the vacuum packaging, the filling doesn’t bounce back as well and the integrity of the pillow is lessened.

Are your pillows hypo-allergenic?

All of our synthetic pillows are definitely hypo-allergenic. All of our down and feathers are also treated during the cleaning and sterilizing process to be allergy free; consequently, our feather and down pillows are hypo-allergenic when new. It is, however a natural fact that over time the oil in the quill of a feather dries out and the barbs of the feathers fall off and turn to dust. That’s one reason why your feather pillows flatten out after time. It’s this dust that most people are allergic to.

How many ounces of filling do you put in your pillows?

We have a “standard” amount of filling we use, and have our pillows’ pricing based upon these amounts; however, we work with hundreds of properties to make pillows according to their specs, or help them create the feel they’re looking for to provide their guests. We are extremely flexible with this.

Can I be sure all my pillows will feel the same?

The equipment we had built for us to blow pillows weighs the filling to within one-tenth of one ounce! That way you are insured of getting pillows that are all exactly alike… and just as important, the next time you need some, you’ll know they’ll be the same as the previous order.

How long will your pillows last?

Much of the determining factor of the life of a pillow for a hotel or resort depends upon the housekeeping staff. If the housekeeper “fluffs” the pillow daily when making the bed, the pillows will last far far longer than if they do not. Our synthetic pillows can be washed and dried in the laundry, and we’ve had hotels claim they’ve done well even after a dozen washings. Feather and down pillows can be renovated with the Pillow-Vac and last indefinitely.

What are the washing instructions for synthetic pillows?

Wash on a gentle-medium setting using warm (not hot) water and mild detergent. Tumble dry on medium (not to exceed 225 degrees). DO NOT use a HOT setting as it will melt the fibers. Fluff after removal from the dryer.