Dear John & Kay,

I've been meaning to write this note for ages... When Doug and I left Beaufort in 2007, you gave us two fantastic pillows as a goodbye gift. In January of 2008, Doug deployed with the Marines to Iraq. Within a week of getting there he emailed me and asked me to send him his Harris pillow because it was one of the few comforts from home he could enjoy over there! He slept better at night on the deployment thanks to his Harris pillow. Doug was deployed over a year and we had a baby while he was gone! 🙂

I'm enclosing a picture from his homecoming last month. I hope this note finds you well. Please share with your staff so they know how much we appreciate their fine work & wonderful pillows.

Tara M.

I just wanted to let your company know that your doing a great job. I appreciate how you care for the public needs. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you, and have a fantastic year.

- Tricia F.

I just wanted to say thank you for your prompt, professional, and friendly service .I have been ordering for a while, and am always amazed how quickly I receive my pillows, even custom sizes. Your staff is always there to answer my questions and guide me in the right direction. Kudos to a great company!!

Jean F.
Window Dressings by Jean, LLC

Mr. Harris,

I wanted to let you know that I received the pillows this morning before 8:am and am more than pleased with the pillows and the service provided by your company. The packaging was excellent. The extra care taken to provide a protective strip of cardboard over the pillows to protect them from a box cutter was way more than I expected and have seen before, Bravo! I wish there were more companies that were able to say MADE IN THE USA as yours does. 

Many thanks for the product and the excellent service.

- Shirley M.

Dear Harris Family,

My husband and I stayed at the Hotel Montelone for the past three years on short vacations. Each night sleep was wonderful.. After tell him how I loved the pillows, he surprised me with a pair for Christmas.. I have slept like a baby every night since. Thanks for making such a great pillow..

- Martha M.

For years I have been in search of the perfect pillow and now I have found it. I discovered your pillows while staying at the Desert Pearl Inn in Utah. I ordered two 50/50 King pillows after the first night. I have enjoyed sleeping on them ever since. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- James


You are so awesome! If BCD ever tries to take you away from me I will go crazy on someone!

I did get my pillow and it is AWESOME! Who knew there was such a difference in pillows. I’m going to have to order one for my wife now. My wife, my daughter and I were all fighting over it last night!!!

- Corey

Ah another one converted to the Harris Pillow world – oh if the whole world knew what it was like to sleep on a Harris Pillow. You have family members fighting over it – see below!

Hugs to you both!

As an FYI, we are still loving and enjoying the pillows we ordered from you almost 3 years ago. You make the most amazing pillows and I rant and rave to all my friends and family about them, and our guests also compliment the incredible pillows that help us sleep so comfortably each and every night. Your pillows, personal attention and customer service is unequaled. Thank you for your personal outreach, and I will be calling Aletha with my new order soon.

Best regards,
Ricardo C.

Hi John,

My name is Denise Arena (from Massachusetts) and I am in the process of designing and building a custom sofa.  After literally calling  at least 6 pillow manufacturers all over the country, I stumbled upon your company after doing a few Google searches.  I needed a company who could do it all...custom sofa back pillows, toss pillows, down/feather "envelopes" to fit a latex foam core insert, etc... I just couldn't find another company willing to take on all my varied requests (and give me a little guidance) - until I stumbled upon Harris Pillow.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Greg Rushing on a couple of custom pillow orders and just had to tell you what a great experience it's been so far.   Greg has handled everything I've thrown at him so far:  from custom down/feather back pillows (created from my child-like, hand-drawn sketch), to down "envelope" covers to go over a latex foam back cushions, to zippered pillow covers (some made of organic fabric) - and most recently, down/feather dog beds!  He hasn't said "no" to any request yet.

The first order I received a couple of weeks ago arrived amazingly fast and the work was beautiful - I was thoroughly impressed.  Greg has some innate ability to take my verbal descriptions (read: ramblings) and my vision of the end result and come up with a great product!  Also - and this is the most impressive part - ...Greg has been so helpful, responsive and detail-oriented while designing and processing both of my pillow orders.   I had explained to Greg that this is the first sofa that I have ever tried to create myself, so I have very little experience in ordering pillow backs, covers, etc...and Greg has guided me through the process with professionalism, patience  and great results.

Anyway, sorry for the long-winded email...I rarely write letters/emails like this...but I just had to tell you what a great asset your company has at Harris Pillow in Greg Rushing.  He really seems to care about the customer, the level of service he provides and the end product - and that is a rare find today (which is why I felt compelled to send you this email).  Greg is a great representation of Harris Pillow and I will be sure to spread the word to my upholsterer and circle of friends about your company.

I can't wait to get my 2nd order of pillows! (and I have a 3rd order forthcoming in the next few weeks.)


Denise A.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the quick service and the wonderful pillow forms you sell. You make my work look fabulous! It is a pleasure to purchase from you, other companies should take a few lessons from you. Thank you!

Cindy O.
owner, Lost Woods Sewing

Thank you so much.  Also, just for your information to pass on, I have a client who I ordered forms for 8 years ago from Harris.  She sent them back to me and said the forms had lost there body and didn't know what had happened. I have never had anyone call me 7 years later wanting to know why their pillows had become flat.

I took the forms out.  Somehow, they had gotten twisted inside the cover (probably from children sleeping on them). These were for the sofa. Anyway, I took the pillow forms out and "fluffed" them and oh my goodness, they were just like when I purchased them from you. Stuffed them right back inside and sent them back to the client. What she didn't say, I could tell from taking them out of the fabric cover. On top of that, the fabric cover looked about 8 years old, so they had some major grandkids damage but still kept their shape once they were fluffed back in the square they were to begin with. One more thing, couldn't believe that hardly any feathers had come out of the white fabric. Some, of course, but not what you would think after all that!

- Debbie S.

I slept on the 50/50 pillow (goose down & feathers) at Swissotel in Chicago and it made for the best nights of sleep I'd had in years, which allowed me the most rested days I'd experienced in years. The hotel put me in touch with Harris Pillow Company so I could purchase one for myself.

I have tension headaches that become worse at night. I have tried a variety of pillows but never dreamed that when I finally found the right one, it would make ALL the difference, and that's what I found with the 50/50 pillow.

It's a very soft pillow that provides a wonderful cradle for my head to lie in, and because of its softness, I can easily manipulate it to tuck under my neck and shoulders so that I have a soft and stable support, whether I'm sleeping on my side or back. I used to turn from side to side, repositioning my pillow all night, trying to find a non-straining position to sleep in. These days, I still turn from side to side, repositioning my pillow, but each time now, I know I'm going to fall back into a wonderfully comfortable sleep. It's been a saving grace. It was a great pillow right out of the box but after six weeks of breaking it in, it's as dreamy as the pillow at the hotel.

I've slept on another high-end brand of popular hotel pillows (several models of it) and I've owned a Sleep Number pillow as well, but none of them compared to my Harris pillow. I ordered a super king, and being only 5' 5", it also works as a body pillow for me.

Harris Pillow is a family owned business and I had the pleasure of talking with both John and his son Patrick, and Aletha. I received old-fashioned customer attention that makes you very happy to do business with them. I hope they'll be around for years to come because, if there's such a thing as a pillow soul-mate, I've definitely found mine! Thank you for making a pillow that completely changes my night's sleep and the quality of my day!

-Theresa S.

Mr. John Harris,

I would like to say thank you for the exceptional customer service that you and your staff have given me. I have spoken with yourself, as well as Susan and Aletha and you all have showed me what old fashioned customer service is about. I discovered your wonderful pillows while vacationing in Florida last month. Before I left, I did not leave without turning the pillows over and getting as much information as I could about the company that supplied them. I knew I had to have those same pillows at home. I am soooo pleased with my pillows and the fantastic customer service that I received. Your company is a hidden secret and I'm soo glad I found it. Please give Susan and Aletha my thanks.

Dorcus D.
Memphis, Tennessee

Our company, which owns three locations in the Charleston, West Virginia area, has been very pleased with Harris pillows. Before trying Harris we must have tried ten types of pillows. All of which had the same results. They all became flat, lumpy or balled up after washing. The Hampton Inn that we own has the most intense inspections in the country. They always noted to us to replace our pillows. Now that we have changed to Harris we have not changed our pillows in eighteen months and have had no complaints from our guests. The guests like them so much that they ask us if they can buy one. One of our guests commented on them and said that he has neck and back problems and this pillow helped him to get a good night’s sleep. At our Ramada Plaza the pillow met the standard of the Vice President of the United States, Al Gore. We had to change the blanket, sheets, pillow cases, bath towels and wash cloths but not the pillows; his staff was pleased with quality of the pillows. In closing, I bought one for home and I love it. For a hotel owner looking for quality and durability you can’t beat the price and the service is unbeatable.

- Mark E. S.
Facilities Mgr, RAMADA INN
Charleston, West Virginia

Hi, my wife and I stayed at the Hilton in Charleston West Virginia over the weekend. My wife is 9 months pregnant and she always has issues with sleeping. Let’s just say, our stay at the Hilton was great, and it was all because of your pillows. She woke up and said that was the best night of rest she has had in a very long time and that she loved the pillows. I thought they were great too, so before we left I took a look at the label and it said Harris Pillow Company. I thought I would surprise her on our 1st anniversary and purchase some pillows.

- Casey C.
Elkhart, Indiana

Mr. Harris,

For years I have espoused the quality and comfort of the pillows at the Hyatt Regency, Boston Logan Airport. My wife decided to surprise me, and after contacting the housekeeping manager at the Hyatt determined that these were pillows from your company. Now I can enjoy the comfort of my favorite “pillow away from home” when I am home.

David T.

Dear Mr. Harris,

My job requires me to travel which means I must stay in hotels quite frequently. During the past several months I have had some of my best sleep due to the pillows in these hotels. I began my search for the 50% down feather and 50% down luck in finding the same pillows. I finally called the Hyatt Regency in Hilton head, S.C. where I had stayed...I am so thrilled that I can purchase these pillows from you.

Ann B.